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I am under constant disappointment of our society.  Currently I am enraged by the medias empathy for trent mays and ma’lik richmond after Judge Thomas Lipps found them guilty for rapping a six-teen year old classmate.

I am addicted to reading and watching news clippings regarding this trial, and it is a disgrace.  For starters, I do not care where their lives were going; they made a choice to rape an unconscious woman. The media has said she was “too drunk to give consent” . . . more like “unconscious and unable to give consent.” Why so concerned about sheltering us from the extremities of these rapists act?

Here is a video, staring trent mays. After watching this, tell me just how sorry he really is.

“She is so dead”
“She is deader than . . .”
“She is so rapped”
“She’s more rapped than . . .”

In the video a bystander says, “dude, you are so going to jail.”

All of this . . . followed by laughter. That is right, laughter. We see the truth about how one feels before any discipline is taken. Regretting something only when there are consequences for your actions is not regretting a damn thing. They are ashamed people know and are holding them accountable for their actions.

Their actions being rapping an unconscious woman, documenting it, and sharing it with friends and the world. By no means am I upset that their stupidity aided their inevitable sentence.

But then again, how accountable are they really being help? One-two year minimum . . . in juvenile detention (could be locked up until 21), and are now registered sex offenders.

This is a bunch of bullshit. Minimum of 1-2 years? Shoplifting or stealing can have bigger repercussions than rape? Isn’t rape stealing ones option to say no. Much more was stolen from the victim, a living, breathing individual.

In an ‘apology’ trent mays said, “I would truly like to apologize to [redacted], her family, my family and the community,” mays said. “No picture should have been sent around, let alone even taken.” . . . he did not apologies for the act, he apologized for the stupidity of documenting the act.

ma’lik collapsed and says, “my life is over, no one is going to want me now.” Good. You brought this on yourself. You, the rapists, had control over the situation. You are responsible for your own actions, so take responsibility. You do on the football field, so do it now.

It seems that since there was not a price tag on what was taken the repercussions are lessened? What about mental health after the assault? After the trial? If counseling is needed, why aren’t the rapists forced to pay those bills? How is that not a standard? People are constantly held accountable for car accident damage, yet the damage from a sexual assault is not the same?

These rapists are not the victims, yet the media sympathizes with them. The victim seems to have been forgotten while we hear about the promising careers that have been ruined . . . FROM THEIR OWN DOING! We are our own disasters. The choices we make affect others. I have no sympathy for anyone but the woman that was photographed, tweeted and recorded about, and RAPPED.

In closing,

Scumbags, I have no sympathy for stupidity. Get over yourselves because you are getting off easy, regardless of what sentences might be brought to, you are lucky.

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