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I grew up in what I considered to be an average environment. I was a mama’s girl, my sister and I fought about the front seat and me wearing her clothes, and my dad was overprotective but somehow really easy going. It was a really interesting dynamic that I can’t even begin to describe.

I would not consider myself close to my family.  Over the years I have actually grown more distant to them then I really ever imagined. I think I’ve finally realized why, I honestly have absolutely no idea how I came from my family.

I went home for a wedding about a month ago. It was a great reason to see my family plus we were surrounded by a bunch of people I knew, so making conversations was way easier then if it were just my family. However, throughout the conversations I learned some things about my mother that I never would have guessed, which probably aids in the realization that I really do not know who my family is.

At the wedding I was talking with my mom and one of her good friends, but it was one of those friends that she hadn’t talked to due to busy schedules and what not. As we were talking my moms friend (Sue) commented that he eye lashes look wonderful! I hadn’t really noticed, they looked longer, but I didn’t really equate that to wonderful. Plus one of them was sticking up in a funny direction and I didn’t really know how to go about telling her, “hey mom you have a stray eye lash, let me get that for you.” Well this was the moment I decided to go that rout. Immediately my mom backs away and says, “NO! Its still attached.” Me… being me, knew I could see it and she couldn’t so I insisted that it was in fact, time for that lash to go.

I reach for it and to my surprised… It WAS still attached. Ok, now I am just grossed out and confused… The reasons behind my confusion and discuss was due to eyelash extensions. Have you heard about it? Its really interesting and much like hair extensions except they take every individual eyelash put some glue on it and attach another lash. (In depth description of application found here: http://www.xtremelashes.com/eyelash_extensions_procedure.aspx)

Side effects vary, as with all procedures, these include

  • gluing your fingers together (if you’ve use super glue who hasn’t done this, especially if you have ever used a home fake nail kit)
  • irritation of the eye (infection)
  • gluing your eyes shut
  • loss of eyelashes
  • and in some cases BLINDNESS

(You have to download some of the documents to read about it but here is the site: http://www.novalash.com/health-safety.html



Costs of this procedure vary but are roughly

  • $250-$600 and takes 90-120 minutes (so roughly $2.77-$5 a minutes). This lasts for about two months
  • Then an eyelash re-application is in order which is roughly $75-$250 for a 30-60 minute session ($2.5-$4.17 per minute)


So I found out that my mom had this procedure done, and while we were discussing it she noticed my hairy legs and arm pits… which she addressed as, “You need to go and shave this instant!” Everyone in my family and close to agreed with her statement.

My question is: what does it say about our world where one woman neglecting to shave is a bigger deal than someone deciding to have an unnecessary and extremely expensive temporary procedure…