Hello… I am Kara Eggers and I am bi(waitforit)sexual. Ah yes, the awesomeness of being attracted to both men and women alike! It doubles my chances of finding a date, however it also doubles my chances of being rejected… There is one problem with being bisexual (or lesbian for that matter)…. there is nothing stopping you from falling for a woman that is straight. It’s disappointing for many reasons.

From the start it’s not easy to ask anyone out on a date. Even if you know that they are interested in your gender. They can reject you for any reason… But liking someone you know is not interested in your gender ssssuuucckkkksss because even asking them out on a date is sorta kinda out of the questions… Think about it… What will their response be? Most likely “I’m straight”. What in the world can you say to that?? “Yup… I know. Just ah.. checking.” And thus begins the awkwardness of the rest of your friendship. If it continues (which I honestly hope that it will for all of your/their sakes).

It is hard to take that leap because of the fear of rejection and the fear of losing a friend… but I can’t help but think of the stories other friends have told me. Tonight I learned that two of my friends who have been together for close to 3 years were both straight before they started dating each other… I find that amazing. I guess I don’t really know that the moral of this story… other than anything is possible. But for the mean time…