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Hooking up has never been easier then it is in college. We’re young so why not! Right? Well… the problem is… We are young… To young to get and STD that will be with us for the rest of our lives. I have not mastered approaching someone and sexily asking them, “So… what STD’s might you have?” or “Well hello, when was the last time you were tested?” I just feel like either of these questions would get zero responses aannndd probably kill any momentum I gained in the walk over.

I just… I have a trust issue. First of all, people don’t get tested nearly as often as they should; secondly there is no insurance that they give a damn about my health when all they are interested in is sex. Also, I like to think actually knowing the person and having a connection makes everything that much better. Not only that, but being intoxicated while doing anything physical (especially for the first time with someone) is awkward and unattractive. Has a drunk person every tried to kiss you?? If no, I’ll let you in on a secret. They think they are an amazing kisser, the truth… Its either very slimy and they go in mouth open ooorrr miss… by a long shot which ends in a wet face… None of this seems appealing to me… but then again meeting people is a difficult thing to do. I’ve never mastered going from stranger to intimate relationship… I like to get to know the person, figure out their quarks, habits, and get completely comfortable with them before actually creating anything more than friendship. I may be searching for this person for a while… But I feel like it will be worth it in the end. We’ll see how this turns out.