Many people constantly assume I am straight… unless I am wearing a feminist t-shirt, in which case I am ‘for sure’ a lesbian. What a conundrum! For people to think I am bi, I have to tell them. Don’t get me wrong I have no problem telling people I am bi its just annoying when I have to explain how I can be bi…

I have explained my bisexuality to straight, gay and lesbian people.

Straight people can be confused about how you can like both men and women.

  • Have you ever been in a relationship with a woman? – Well, no.
  • Have you ever been in a relationship with a man? – Yes…
  • IF you have never been in a relationship with a woman but you have with a man how do you know you just aren’t confused/curious/questioning… – Um… Well… ….

I don’t know how to express how I know, but I do. I like/love people for their personality, so if I like you take it as you have an amazing personality and you’re a good person and are capable of caring about others. My favorite response that many people use is “well how do you know you’re straight.” Which is legit, I’ve just never used it.

Then there is the fear of your bi friend falling for you and you’re straight; which happens for sure. But straight friends fall for another straight friend and the friend might not like them! So I’m sorry if we are good friends and hang out a lot and I happen to like you, trust me I am upset about it too and chances are I will never do a damn thing about it… because your straight.

Now what thoughts have I been met with from a few gay/lesbian individuals?

  • It’s an easy middle ground.
  • On the fence gay/lesbians.
  • Greedy Bisexuals (want to have sex with anyone & everyone)
  • Don’t wanna come all the way out of the closet (fence lesbians)

Obviously none of these are responses or questions that every straight person would ask. And not all gay/lesbian people are upset about bisexual.  It’s just difficult to be in the middle ground because… well it’s the middle. There is no defiant I like –insert type here–.

It’s just a bummer that both sides (straight and gay/lesbians) have stigmas that can make it weird and make me feel out of place. But at some point that will all change… Until then…