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I don’t understand the problem revolving around GLBT marriage.  There are so many people screaming and shouting about these GLBT weddings ruining the sanctities of marriage, but they are referring to it in a religious sense. I was under the impression there was some sort of separation between church and state… By making GLBT marriage legal it is simply allowing those people to get the same benefits that heterosexuals are PRIVILEGED to now.

The Federal government should legalize GLBT marriage because it is discriminating against a community of people. At no point should the government or state or anyone for that matter demand that a church marry GLBT individuals, because, let’s face it, that would also go against the separation of the church and state. But I am pretty sure I wouldn’t want to force someone to marry me if they were against it. There are plenty of other churches that are willing to marry GLBT people, the government just does not recognize them as a marriage so they aren’t allowed, to receive the same BENEFITS heterosexual couples receive because it’s not seen by the government as marriage.

Any heterosexual couple can apply for a marriage license and receive benefits they don’t even need to have a wedding; you are capable of being married without the church. GLBT couples have just as much right to marriage as heterosexual couples, churches can decide whom they are willing to marry but the government cannot ignore the equal rights.