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The Clothesline Project was established in 1990 when the Cape Cod Women’s Defense Agenda learned that 58,000 soldiers were killed during the Vietnam War, and during that same time 51,000 women in the United States were killed by men claiming to love them.

The Clothesline Project is made up of t-shirts created by survivors of violence, or created in honor of someone who has experienced violence. The Women’s Resource Center of Winona brings the display to Winona and focuses on the victims of domestic violence from the state of Minnesota; all of these stories have, unfortunately, ended in the victim’s death.

This Project is a display of t-shirts that provide information about the victims.  This information includes their name, age, day they died, the relation to the perpetrator, how they were attacked, and where they lived. Along with this information there is a design on the t-shirt representing something about that person. The goal of this project is to raise awareness and persuade viewers to take a stand against domestic violence.

For more information about The Clothesline Project please visit the Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women’s website.

The Winona Areas display will be at the following locations:
October 1-3: Women’s Resource Center
October 3-8: Cotter High School
October 8-13: Winona State University
October 13-17: South East Technical College
October 17-21: Saint Mary’s University
October 21-24: Winona MallOctober 24-28: Winona Senior High
October 28-November 1: Women’s Resource Center